Weekly Arts #14: N for nest.

Hi all. This time I tried a digital drawing.


Weekly Arts #13 : M for Moon

Weekly Arts #12: L for Lion

Another mixed colour art. L for Lion.  

Weekly Arts #11: K for Kitten

Colourful K: Kitten    

Weekly Arts #10: J for Jelly Fish

J for JellyFish 🙂

Weekly Arts #9: I for Ice Cream

Here comes delicious I : Ice cream

Weekly Arts #8 : H for Honey

Hi, Have a sweet Monday with letter 'H'.! What do you know about honey bees? There are over 25,000 species of bees worldwide. An adult worker bee's lifespan is about 45 days during summer months. A typical Bee colony consists of 30,000 to 60,000 bees. Male bees are called "Drones" and they do not have... Continue Reading →

Weekly Arts #7 : G for Grapes

Hi, Its time for G: Grapes. You know! Dried grapes (raisins) contain only 15% water. The production of wine from grapes started as early as 5000 BC. Grapes help minimize the risk of heart attacks because they increase the levels of nitric acid in the blood which prevents blood clots. Grapes are used to curing... Continue Reading →

Weekly Arts #6: F For Flower

Hi all, This time i just tried painting flowers with palette knife, and here is the outcome. For the first time, i tried a mixed colors for background. I always use a plain single color background to highlight the subject. After i try this, i felt good with the mixture of light and dark shades..! ... Continue Reading →

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