A Rose…!

Here I am sharing my pencil drawing of a rose. Used only 2B pencil for full sketching and shading. 1. Basic outline and rose sketch 2. Shading rose and its leaves 3. Completed rose and background effect 4. Final picture of rose. Hope you guys like it. 😊


Don’t overdo..!

When i start drawing something, i used to get a feeling of giving more effects for backgrounds. But that doesn't look good all the time. May be i need to practice more on creating a stylish backgrounds. Recently when i started to work on painting Calla Lily, i did mistake on adding splash effect for... Continue Reading →

From Dawn to Dusk

What i learnt Today ??!?! Everyone around this world put their efforts in daily life to achieve something..! Men-women-kids struggling in their own way to reach their goal. Men work hard physically to upscale his family. Women on the other side, working on her job as well as she manage her home. Kids, they are... Continue Reading →

Spread the happiness

A Girl with Dandelion flowers 🙂 Hope you all like it..! Click on like if you like this and do comment if it needs any improvement. About Painting: It is an acrylic painting made in 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) canvas board.

My life with arts..!

Imagination Yes, Lot of imaginations about what to draw today ?!? We can try drawing simple daily life objects and scenes but still imagined like a pro to draw something different. That sometimes leads to a trial on the error and we then name those paintings as an experience for achievement.   Late night work... Continue Reading →

Arts For love..! Paintings on Valentine’s Day :)

Hey Everyone. 🙂 As I mentioned in my previous post, I have completed some paintings at the end of day with in the time limit. Here I am sharing it with you. If you like my paintings, do comment and let me know if i need to improve something. Happy day 🙂 Love with Nature... Continue Reading →

Love Hearts

Hello Everyone, Happy Valentine's Day 🙂 Love - A strong feeling of affection for people. Love spreads happiness with everyone. It starts with a smile of our mother; Bonding with our father; Fights with our siblings; Trust in our friends; Care with our life partner..! Love - Having a great interest in doing passion. So... Continue Reading →

When you get interest to draw, try something fun.!

Are you a complete beginner and feel like drawing a straight line without a ruler is tedious? Let's make it simple. Drawings are created in freehand where lines are no more need to be straight and scribbling makes an art. So, if you are interested in visualizing your first drawing, you only need a student... Continue Reading →

A step towards my passion.!

Hello all.! I am delighted to take this initiative towards my passion. Thanks for joining me! A blog about Arts -  Here I will be sharing some ideas about drawings and paintings for beginners as well as for intermediates who want to try a new style. Travel along with me and let us achieve our passion... Continue Reading →

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