Invert Sketching

Invert sketching is a method of using complementary colours i.e Opposite Colors, which will produce a certain effect. For Example, Black becomes white on inversion.

You can see the inverted coloured in negative of a photo. The fact that inversion requires a lot of patience and knowledge of colours to get the perfect results. This technique is more effective when the background of art subject is dark (Black) and the subject is in light (white) colour.

Take a picture which has a less white subject and has a dark black background. For example, you can consider a night sky, where the entire sky was in the deep dark and only stars will be shining.

  • In order to draw those night sky, You just need to draw a simple moon and stars in plain white paper and invert it to look like a night sky.ย Here I shaded only the area which needs to highlight during the night._20180330_090830.JPG


  • Take a neat picture of that and invert it using some software like Picasa or photoshop or picsart.


  • Well, Now these inverted sketch looks appealing.

Here are some of my inverted drawings.






Hope you like this inverted sketches ๐Ÿ™‚




9 thoughts on “Invert Sketching

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  1. Hi. If you feel you are completely a beginner. you can try replicating a simple drawing you came across then improve it further.

    if you are an intermediate, Learn shadings and depth of objects that need to highlight. Shading a subject clearly will give a good output.

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  2. Thanks Aishwarya! Bit of a both, so I will try replicating some sketches first… it’s the shading part though that I know not much about… appreciate the help…๐Ÿ––๐Ÿ‘โœŒ


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